Nicodemus visits Jesus at night in felt.

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Jesus and Nicodemus kids craft

This morning at church I was running about and nearly missed seeing these precious works of art created by the preschool and kindergartners in response to the story of Nicodemus visiting Jesus at night.

The teacher taught the lesson with the lights out and emphasized the idea that Nicodemus wanted to hear more from Jesus, but he didn’t want others to know. If you read the story in Scripture you’ll discover that Nicodemus was a very important man and associated with people who saw Jesus as a threat.  Nicodemus seems to struggle with his initial conversation with Jesus and it isn’t clear when he leaves whether or not he will be willing to follow Jesus.   The Bible mentioned Nicodemus two more times, once during Jesus’ trial and then Nicodemus is mentioned helping with Jesus’ burial.

During the response time the children made these great felt collages—something about using felt instead of paper added richness and value to their work I think.  This project wasn’t my idea–even better one of my fabulously creative teachers planned and prepped this lesson.  I am so thankful when teachers are willing to go above and beyond to give children a great experience even though planning that type of activity is much harder than printing off a simple coloring page.

I love the balance between providing the kids with materials so they can create something where the final product is recognizable but still open ended enough for each child’s masterpiece to be all their own –not cookie cutter like.

How we did it:

  • We provided each child with a black piece of felt and pre cut shapes to create the picture. The stars were purchased.  They are those sticky glittery ones made of foam.
  • We explained that the picture was Jesus and Nicodemus at night.
  • We let them make decisions about where to place items and helped with glue as necessary.
  • You may want to use tacky glue for this project, we had some issues with getting the regular school glue to stick well.

In the end, I was hopeful that the kids wouldn’t want to take these home!  We kept them so they could dry and I am holding out hope that by next week, a few of them will let me keep the picture to hang in our classroom or the hallway for all to enjoy.