It must be God’s chair…

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Our family stopped at an apple orchard while visiting Michigan last week.  At the orchard there was this giant chair in the shape of a Michigan mitten. If you are from the great state of Michigan like me you totally understand our obsession with all things mitten shaped✋🙂❤️.
My children were immediately drawn to explore the chair and all three of them fit easily on it—it’s great size dwarfing them.  This was indeed a giant chair!

A young couple walked by and started to comment about the chair.  One of them said to my children, “isn’t this the biggest chair you have ever seen!”

My daughter immediately responded by saying, “it must be God’s chair.”  She said it with such wonder and sincerity that it caused the couple to stop and pause and they began to wonder too.  “Yes, I think so.” the woman said thoughtfully.

It was a quick exchange, but it reminded me that children often feel close to God in the everyday things that adults don’t think about.  I wonder if being small makes children all the more aware of the “bigness” of God-both in a literal size kind of way but also in a God can do anything power kind of way.

I love that her mind took her to a place where a big chair must belong to the biggest thing she can comprehend–God!