Button Flower Bouquet Kids Service Project

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Kids service project ideas button flower bouquets

Here is a fun and simple kids service project great for preschool children that can brighten someone’s day!  We made these button flower bouquets as part of our lesson series on service and missions and gave them away as to show a simple act of kindness.  As a craft these were great because the children loved working with all the bright colors and materials and stringing items on those pipe cleaners put their fine motor skills to work!

We gave these as a gift to a group of seniors in our congregation who were meeting in a grief group after losing a loved one.  These could also be delivered to a nursing home or to a neighbor.  Preschool children can serve others through simple acts of kindness.

Preschool Service Project button Flower bouquet

Here you can see all the fun materials we had to work with…Pipe cleaners, buttons and Pony Beads, and silk flowers, and Mini Cupcake Liners… We had a lovely time creating these colorful flowers and preparing our service project.


These buttons are from the same box of buttons I found at a thrift store used for our Noah’s Ark Button Rainbow Project.  You can find colored buttons like the ones I used on Amazon here.

The silk flowers are leftover from a long ago VBS with some beachy theme.  I think they were lei’s at one time, but had been taken apart.

Once we started making the flowers, we liked the way the cupcake liners looked the best.  All  the items were pretty easy to string onto the pipe cleaners making it easy for the children to create these independently.



To make the bouquets, I tied three flowers together with ribbon and then made a simple cone out of colored copy paper to hold the flowers.  The cones helped support the flowers which were definitely top heavy.  I used a hole punch to punch holes in the top of the cones so I could string ribbon through them.

I also made a sticker label to place on the cones with a simple thinking of you message.


We made a lot of these so we would have enough to give away. We made the flowers as children came into our class time on two separate evenings.  This helped keep their attention for a longer time span.  The leaders worked alongside the children making flowers so we would have enough.  Honestly, you can’t tell the difference between the adult-made flowers and the ones the kids did by themselves.  These were easy to make beautiful!

The ribbon makes for a handy handle and allows the bouquets to double as a door hanger.  All the better to leave these as a surprise on someone’s door.

The children were able to hand deliver these to the grief group members.  Even though I had explained why were making the flowers, I don’t think the children really understood until they were able to hand out the bouquets.  One of the children became pretty shy in the moment, but the rest lit up when they handed out the flowers and the room became a place of gratefulness.  A true inter-generational moment of shared joy.

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How do you involve preschool children in serving others?  I would love to hear your ideas for a kids service project appropriate for young children!