Leah’s Story

Getting my feet wet in children's ministry
I want to share with you how working in children’s ministry has completely invigorated my walk with God and my vision for the church.

You see, I was never really one to pay much attention to children until I had children of my own.  I have a M.A. in Educational Ministries, but had spent most of my career working with young adults, not children.  I had a love for teaching and an interest in human development, but really very little experience with children.

When I became a parent, I suddenly felt the importance of passing down faith to the next generation.  Suddenly all that knowledge about how people learn, grow, and develop had instant application and relevance in the lives of my own little ones.

I began to strategize and apply my knowledge to how best to help children experience and discover God for themselves  I found that I was learning more about God from children than I ever expected.  I loved the way their faces lit up when they talked about God and the way they entered the stories of Scripture and responded to them with a freshness that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

When an opportunity opened up to work with the young children at my church, I felt God calling me into this position and developing within me a passion to not just do what had always been done, but to explore what it would look like to try new approaches to children’s ministry.

As I researched more about how to reach children effectively, I happened upon methods of reaching children that have completely transformed how I teach.  I discovered an approach called Godly Play and have been able to attend a Core training and implement these principles into our learning spaces.  I also learned about other Montessori types of approaches and Reggio Emelia and began to wonder how to apply these principles in a church setting even when we weren’t doing Godly Play.

This blog is a space where I share how we are experimenting and learning how to most effectively grow children to be disciples of Jesus.  Now that I know how much children have to offer the church, I can’t help but share the beauty of their faith experiences.  I hope you enjoy this space and it inspires your ministry.