connecting to God through wondering

Why Wondering helps Children in Connecting to God and the Bible

As Children’s ministry people, we deeply value the discipleship of children and want them to apply the truths of the Bible to every day life. We are always looking for better ways to help children in connecting to God and the truth of Scripture. Where things usually get muddled is in evaluating how effective the […]

Learning through Play How children use Godly Play Materials

Learning through Play: How Children Use Godly Play Materials

The Godly Play approach encourages learning through play, but what does this learning look like in action?  It is often hard to measure spiritual growth or know what children are internalizing from the Bible stories they hear.  One way of observing what children understand is to observe their play.  The practice of observation allow you […]

Bible storytelling Entering God's stories

Bible Storytelling: Learning to Enter the Story

Motivation for better Bible storytelling for kids… Because children learn so powerfully through story, Bible storytelling should be one of the skills those who teach children about Jesus should seek to master.  Storytelling for kids is like speaking their special language.  It is one of the ways they make sense of their world and process […]

Godly Play Art Shelves

We have been on a Godly Play journey for about a year and I am loving it.  But I still have this sense that I have SO FAR to go in truly understanding how to create a space where Godly Play actually happens.  I knew that even though I had read extensively on the Godly […]

Parable of the Good Shepherd Process Art

When planning Bible lesson activities for children, I am perhaps a Pinterest addict…check out my Pinterest boards for proof.  I love cute sheep crafts as much as any Early childhood practitioner, but because I have been learning about the value of process art, I offered an open-ended art response for our lesson on the Parable […]