Church Ministry

Even in all its dysfunction, I still believe the church is what Jesus uses to bring hope to the world.  The church as an institution has countless flaws and a history of mistakes.  But throughout history, in both times of darkness and times of great revival, there have been faithful followers of Christ who hold fast to truth, live out holiness, and generously share the love of Jesus with others.

I have worked in children’s ministry in a local church and my husband is a pastor who has served in various roles in and out of the church.  He currently serves as the Pastor of Family Life at our church.  We both grew up in homes where church was an extension of family and being part of the church was central to family life.

We have been hurt by the church, seen the ugly underbelly of church at its worst, and experienced all levels of community from vibrant and healthy to barely alive.  In all these places and in all these experiences, God has been near and among His people I have found many who have helped me understand God in deeper ways and kept me from drifting away.  I have come to realize not only my deep need for Jesus, but also my deep need for His church.

And that is why I write about what the church can and should be in America.  That is why I care about serving children well and helping families disciple their children.  That is why I believe in inter-generational community as a means of discipleship.