Play based lesson ideas for Jesus feeds 5000

Jesus Feeds the 5000 Play Based Lesson ideas

Jesus feeds the 5000.  It’s one of my favorite Bible stories.  Jesus has been teaching all day and the people have stayed past the point of comfort.  They are hungry! And apparently not just for food, but also hungry for the words of Jesus….and for healing.  Jesus had been healing their sick all day. Jesus […]

The Lord's prayer storytelling basket

The Lord’s Prayer Lesson

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I made this storytelling basket to teach the Lord’s prayer to a group of 1st and 2nd graders at my church.  If  you would like a free copy of the script I used to tell the story, there’s a form at the bottom of the post.  Just fill it out […]

Reflective children's ministry

Reflective Children’s Ministry

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The tagline for this blog is…Reflective Children’s Ministry and since I totally made up that phrase I thought I would take a little time to go into more detail about what that means. First, let’s take a look at the word reflection Reflection can be something outward like the reflection […]

Joseph's coat Joseph Sunday school lesson

Joseph Bible Box Lesson for two-year-olds

This Joseph Bible Box lesson was made for two and early three-year-olds and can be used for a Joseph Sunday school lesson or in a home setting.  You can easily adapt the contents of the box based on what you already have available.  For instance, If you don’t have a story of Joseph board book, […]

sunday school Teaching Two-year-olds

Teaching Two-Year-Olds: A Children’s Ministry Challenge

When trying to find volunteers, I have been tempted to refer to the two-year-old age group as the black hole of children’s ministry. People who love the nursery love to cuddle with the babies and smell their sweet skin and watch them toddle about.  And people who love to work with preschoolers LOVE that they […]

Christ Centered Valentine's Day idea Jesus loves me Fizzy hearts

Christ Centered Valentine’s Day Idea: Jesus loves me fizzy hearts

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly.  If you are looking for a Christ centered Valentine’s Day idea that you can do at home with your children or at church with a group of children, these Jesus Loves me fizzy hearts are a beautiful and fun way to think more deeply about God’s love  Since we can […]

connecting to God through wondering

Why Wondering helps Children in Connecting to God and the Bible

As Children’s ministry people, we deeply value the discipleship of children and want them to apply the truths of the Bible to every day life. We are always looking for better ways to help children in connecting to God and the truth of Scripture. Where things usually get muddled is in evaluating how effective the […]

Parable of the Good shepherd craft idea

Parable of the Good Shepherd Storytelling Kits

We made these take home storytelling kits for the Parable of the good shepherd last week in AWANA Cubbies The AWANA story for this lesson closely models the Godly Play Parable of the Good Shepherd but breaks the story down into several parts. I love the Godly Play story and since we have the story […]

Preschool Missions project ideas

Button Flower Bouquet Kids Service Project

Here is a fun and simple kids service project great for preschool children that can brighten someone’s day!  We made these button flower bouquets as part of our lesson series on service and missions and gave them away as to show a simple act of kindness.  As a craft these were great because the children loved […]

Montessori continent boxes missions lesson

How to Create Montessori Continent Boxes to teach kids about Missions

What are Continent Boxes? Continent Boxes are a Montessori teaching tool used to teach children geography.  They are boxes (bags, baskets, etc.) full of items from a continent including books, pictures, representative objects, maps, and really whatever you can think of to help a child learn about the culture and geography of a continent.  I […]