Children’s Ministry


What is Reflective Children’s Ministry?

Reflective children’s ministry seeks to honor children in the way they reflect the image of God.  It’s a conversation that seeks to impact the status quo of children’s ministry by asking better questions and encouraging better collaboration between those who desire to nurture the spiritual growth of children.

New approach to children's ministry
Join the conversation! Let’s collaborate to help disciple children!

Where do we begin?

The process begins with calling those who disciple children toward a deeper theological understanding of God’s character and actions and to a thorough examination of what we are currently teaching children about God and the Bible, both the good and the bad!  And why we are teaching what we are teaching.

We recognize a deep need in children’s ministry for those who work with children to collaborate to develop a theology of childhood that recognizes and affirms children’s place within the kingdom of God and the church.

This theology of childhood or view of the child should drive how children are included in the life of the church and how families disciple children. Without taking time to ask better questions and learn from one another we run the risk of failing to recognize how we could better serve children.

What is the goal?

This reflection will:

  1. Provide insight into optimizing the learning environments in our churches and in our homes.
  2. Create a framework for assessment that prepares those who teach children to observe and recognize children’s spiritual expression.
  3. Allow for development of more flexible curriculum that recognizes and responds to the individual needs of children and adapts teaching to their interests and needs.

What is it about?

Reflective Children’s Ministry promotes:

  • Programming that values ENGAGEMENT over ENTERTAINMENT
  • Teaching that values CHILD-LED INQUIRY over RIGID CURRICULUM
  • Learning activities that provide OPEN ENDED RESPONSE over FIXED OUTCOME
  • Application that takes time for WONDERING instead of providing a SIMPLIFIED BIBLE TRUTH
  • Seeks transformation that focuses on the WHOLE PERSON not BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION
  • Believes discipleship in community happens best when children are part of the WHOLE CHURCH and not just AGE SEGREGATED MINISTRIES

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