Hiawatha and the Peacemaker

Finding Forward: The way of The Peacemaker

I read a book today that touched my soul. You know the feeling when you read or hear something and you feel the truth of it in your bones. The words of Hiawatha and the Peacemaker by Robbie Robertson connects with one of the questions that has been on my heart lately. I have been […]

Living Life in Transition…

I have been avoiding this post hoping for more clarity and direction…but since I don’t think that is going to come before my internet silence becomes super awkward I am going to just go for it! The long and the short of things is that we are moving to another state in a little over […]

Wordless Book Story Bag Craft for Kids

This wordless book craft creates a fun sensory learning experience and doubles as a take home story bag that children can use to share the gospel story in their own words. I came up with this idea because I had all the materials on hand (I put leftover VBS materials to good use).  This could […]

how to discipline children without crushing their spirit

How to Discipline Children Without Crushing Their Spirit

  This is the second installment in my series, What the Bible says about children.  If you missed the first post, Your Children are a Gift from God, Now What?  you can check it out here.  In this post, I will focus on the fun part of parenting….discipline and instruction.  Hope you caught that note of […]

Your Children Are a Gift from God, Now What?

Children are a gift from god, but how should that impact how you parent? Find out what the Bible says about Children and discover why it matters. It’s easy to lose perspective in the day to day tasks of parenting, Christian parents can find that perspective by exploring How God views children in Scripture.

Completing Whole30 as a family

8 Surprising Ways Surviving Whole30 is Changing our Family

Our family is halfway through a Whole30 challenge and for the most part we are thriving!  If you aren’t familiar with what Whole30 is, it is a 30 day challenge to eliminate processed foods and added sugars.  No grains, no dairy, no sugar.  Did I mention sugar twice?  Yes–sugar is a big deal! Basically for […]

One Ministry Shift that will Help You Reach Kids More Effectively

What is the one ministry shift you can make to more effectively reach children?  It isn’t super fun or glamorous but it makes all the difference in the choices you make as a leader.  It affects how you spend your budget, how you prioritize your time, how you train your leaders, how you use your […]

6 Reasons Christian Parents Need to Stop Parenting Out of Fear

Sometimes I wish there was a formula for spiritual formation and discipleship that guaranteed that my children would respond to Jesus and develop the type of faith that is strong enough to carry them through life’s ups and downs. Some days I just want to know that I am a Christian parent on the right […]

Children's Prayers

How to Make Prayer Prompts That Motivate and Focus Children’s Prayers

A Vision for Children’s Prayers How do you model prayer to young children? I spend a lot of time worshipping with pre-school children. When I start to describe what I hope happens in their young hearts, I start to picture kids who know how to pray powerful prayers. Children’s prayers that come from their hearts […]