10 Totally Inspiring Children’s Ministry Blogs

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There are so many creative souls out there that have a heart for introducing children to Jesus Christ and helping them learn how to worship. As someone who is still relatively new to the Children’s Ministry world, I am always on the hunt for people who have a passion for honing their storytelling skills or inviting children to learn about God and the Bible in fresh and innovative ways as well as people who deepen my understanding of childhood spiritual formation.

When I first started working in Children’s Ministry I had to do some hunting to find the type of resources I was looking for.  It was sometimes difficult to get past the box curriculum and gimmicky themes and begin to see what those who are working with children do on a regular basis to creatively reach children for Jesus.  I eventually did find some great resources and here are just a few of my favorites.

If you are looking for some awesome blogs about Children’s Ministry, here are my top picks.  These are true gems in my opinion!


Flame Creative Children’s Ministry

This site is full of free resources and original ideas.  Mina Munns must be a creative genius!  I particularly like her use of everyday objects to tell Bible stories.  She has great ideas that work for both church and home.

Explore and Express

Sheila at Explore and Express shares how she uses Godly Play in her context (Germany).  She does such a great job of honoring the specifics of Godly Play while experimenting and adding original flair to both the materials she uses and the activities the children are invited to participate in.  This is one of the first sites I came across as I was learning about Godly Play and it really helped me visualize how I could start a program from scratch in our church.  Such a great resource if you are interested in Godly Play specifically!

Hands on Bible Teacher

Ronda Duvall is the amazing teacher behind this site.  Her blog showcases her amazing hand made creations that bring the Bible to life for the children she teaches.  Her Bible Bucket lessons idea totally shaped what we do with our two-year-olds at our church.  I love people who see potential in random objects as teaching tools!


This site is full of not only great Bible lesson ideas but thoughtful reflections and resources helpful to those working in children’s ministry.  I love how she showcases creative ideas without sacrificing depth.  She comes across as honest and totally relatable—keeps me coming back for more!


Emily Grace Watkins’s blog primarily shows how she uses Godly Play with her children in a home environment.  Her theological education is extensive and her clear love for the church and the liturgy is evident.  This is the kind of blog that I obsess over!  What a great example of incorporating worship into every day life!

All Play on Sunday

I love how this blog provides ideas for incorporating play based learning into church environments.  When working with children, especially young children, we know their first language is really “play.”  Christian Educators need to keep collaborating on ways to provide creative learning environments in our churches.  All Play on Sunday is a great resource!

Bible Fun for Kids

Debbie Jackson does an awesome job honoring Scripture and teaching a reverence for God all while providing creative teaching tools and resources on a budget.  I have found her site to be very inspirational as I plan my own lessons.  Her extensive list of Bible Lessons are sure to have something you can use in your own context.

Bless Each One

Christine Voreis Hides is a compelling writer.  Her posts draw you into the story she is telling.  Her site values children as part of the worship of the church and incorporates the creative arts into worship and prayer.  I have a heart for inter-generational worship and she does such a great job communicating this value.

Worshiping with Children

This is another site that really emphasizes including children in corporate worship and provides ideas based on the Lectionary.  Carolyn C. Brown shows church leaders HOW to include children– such an important message!

Bible Class Creations

This site is chocked full of DIY Bible teaching ideas.  It hasn’t been updated in quite some time so I don’t know that there will be any new posts.  However there are patterns available and information on how she made the items she used to teach Bible stories to children.

children's ministry blogs

Find more Children’s Ministry Blogs…

You can find more blogs for Children’s ministry at ministry-to-children.com where Tony Krummer has compiled  an amazing list of the top 100 children’s ministry blogs.  Graceandwondering.com hasn’t made the list yet…I’m just getting started around here!  I love seeing others’ work though and learning more about Children’s ministry from those who have been at this far longer than I.

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