Living Life in Transition…

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I have been avoiding this post hoping for more clarity and direction…but since I don’t think that is going to come before my internet silence becomes super awkward I am going to just go for it!

The long and the short of things is that we are moving to another state in a little over a month.

My husband took a family ministry job at a church closer to extended family so we are switching roles a bit with him working in church ministry instead of me.

and since I won’t have any “official” role in children’s ministry, I am working hard not to make any assumptions about how I will be involved in our new church.  I am sure that over time, I will find a place there, but I don’t want to be that former children’s ministry person who comes in all judgy and condescending like the world revolves around my preferences.  So, I am purposefully taking a step back.

That means walking away from Godly Play- hopefully not forever, but at least for a time.

To throw my life into even more chaos and transition…..I have been considering homeschooling our three children.  I have always thought homeschooling to be a bit of an extreme decision, but the more I research it the more drawn to it I have become.  It’s almost like God is leading me toward something I would have never considered on my own.

What does that mean for Grace and Wondering…

Truthfully, I don’t know.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE blogging, but I have never made a cent…..not one cent.  I could just be a terrible blogger and not know it, but my guess is that I lack the consistency necessary to build a blog as a business.

If I am going to continue blogging I need to figure out the following:

  • How to expand the topics covered on Grace and Wondering to include education of the whole person (i.e. how we cover various subjects in our home school as a means of discipleship).
  • How to find time to write blog posts as a busy homeschool mom.  Seriously….how do they do it?
  • How to actually make money blogging to supplement our soon to be one income household.

My gut tells me that there is more of a market for the things I already write about among home school moms than children’s ministry professionals, but I still have a passion and vision for the church and children’s ministry and if the Lord continues to bring opportunities for me to write and teach in those areas than I would be so very grateful!

I read a ministry book recently that talked about allowing God to fill new wine skins when doing ministry in a new place rather than dragging the old wine skins with you and trying to force the things that worked in your former ministry work in your new setting.

So that has become my mantra…New wine skins.

I have no idea what ministry will look like in our new church and new home, but I can trust that God is faithful.  He has created me with purpose, provided me with the skills and passion needed to fulfill those purposes, and He will continue to lead me into the opportunities He wills for my life.  I don’t need to try to figure it out today.  I don’t need to try to recreate old ministries in new places.  I don’t need to limit myself (or God) to things I have already tried and been successful doing.

God is a creative God who loves to do a new thing.

Whew….getting a little emotional over here.  Deep breath.

To wrap this little personal update up….posts may be spotty and sporadic until we get settled in our new space and God reveals a little more to me about where to take this little blogging habit of mine.

And if I turn into one of those crazy home school moms who blogs about things you can’t imagine caring about–you can totally unsubscribe at any time.