One Ministry Shift that will Help You Reach Kids More Effectively

What is the one ministry shift you can make to more effectively reach children?  It isn’t super fun or glamorous but it makes all the difference in the choices you make as a leader.  It affects how you spend your budget, how you prioritize your time, how you train your leaders, how you use your […]

Reflective children's ministry

Reflective Children’s Ministry

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The tagline for this blog is…Reflective Children’s Ministry and since I totally made up that phrase I thought I would take a little time to go into more detail about what that means. First, let’s take a look at the word reflection Reflection can be something outward like the reflection […]

sunday school Teaching Two-year-olds

Teaching Two-Year-Olds: A Children’s Ministry Challenge

When trying to find volunteers, I have been tempted to refer to the two-year-old age group as the black hole of children’s ministry. People who love the nursery love to cuddle with the babies and smell their sweet skin and watch them toddle about.  And people who love to work with preschoolers LOVE that they […]

Process Art Children's spiritual development

Using Process Art to Encourage Children’s Spiritual Development

Understanding the value of process over product is important when teaching for spiritual growth. After all, spiritual growth is in itself a process and not something that can be completed or packaged or even recreated in a set way. Process art activities can help children express their connection to God.

Learning Engagement: The Key to Children’s Ministry that goes beyond Entertainment

“Church should never be boring.” “Make your children’s ministry the best hour of every kids’ week.” “If kids are having fun at church, they will drag their parents back week after week.”

Hmmmm….wait a minute. These statements need a little more thought. What would happen if we made these types of statements the starting point for our ministry decisions with children? Engaging learners for spiritual growth should be our goal when teaching children about God, but how do we engage and go beyond mere entertainment?

Reggio Emilia and Children's spirituality

What is Reggio Emilia? The Reggio Approach and Children’s Ministry

Reggio Emilia is an approach to early childhood education that began in and around Reggio Emilia Italy after World War II under the leadership of Loris Malaguzzi.  It is based in an understanding that children have an innate sense of curiosity and wonder about their world. Rather than being seen as a target for instruction, […]

Top children's ministry blogs to inspire your ministry

10 Totally Inspiring Children’s Ministry Blogs

  There are so many creative souls out there that have a heart for introducing children to Jesus Christ and helping them learn how to worship. As someone who is still relatively new to the Children’s Ministry world, I am always on the hunt for people who have a passion for honing their storytelling skills […]

It must be God’s chair…

Our family stopped at an apple orchard while visiting Michigan last week.  At the orchard there was this giant chair in the shape of a Michigan mitten. If you are from the great state of Michigan like me you totally understand our obsession with all things mitten shaped✋🙂❤️. My children were immediately drawn to explore […]

Teaching Bible Stories for kids without a Big Idea

Bible Stories for Kids: A New Approach to Lesson Planning

Most children’s Bible curriculum teach Bible stories for kids by telling the Bible story and crafting a Bible truth into a focused big idea.  Big ideas help focus the lesson and create a way for children to memorize (and hopefully take to heart) a simple Bible truth that connects the Bible story to real life. […]

A Weekend Vacation Bible School Experiment

Today our church wrapped up our first ever weekend Vacation Bible School event and I am feeling pretty good about it. What we did: We planned a VBS weekend with sessions Friday evening, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning.  We weaved lots of family events into the schedule including Ice Cream sundaes on Friday night, Coffee […]