Servanthood- teaching kids empathy as a foundation to service

Servanthood | Teaching Kids Empathy

Jesus calls us to a life of servanthood.  Servanthood isn’t just kindness–it’s a kind of selflessness that is only possible when we place Christ’s priorities at the center of our thinking. Somehow in spite of my good Christian upbringing, the part about true life transformation was lost on me when I was a child.  Somehow, […]

Handling Faith Misunderstandings with Children

Family meal times are a priority in our home as is prayer before each meals.  I must admit that the actual experience of family mealtime at our house isn’t all Norman Rockwell and Leave it to Beaver like.  In reality, it sometimes seems like I am raising rabid animals who require a crash course in […]

Bible storytelling Entering God's stories

Bible Storytelling: Learning to Enter the Story

Motivation for better Bible storytelling for kids… Because children learn so powerfully through story, Bible storytelling should be one of the skills those who teach children about Jesus should seek to master.  Storytelling for kids is like speaking their special language.  It is one of the ways they make sense of their world and process […]

Teaching Bible Stories for kids without a Big Idea

Bible Stories for Kids: A New Approach to Lesson Planning

Most children’s Bible curriculum teach Bible stories for kids by telling the Bible story and crafting a Bible truth into a focused big idea.  Big ideas help focus the lesson and create a way for children to memorize (and hopefully take to heart) a simple Bible truth that connects the Bible story to real life. […]

Godly Play Art Shelves

We have been on a Godly Play journey for about a year and I am loving it.  But I still have this sense that I have SO FAR to go in truly understanding how to create a space where Godly Play actually happens.  I knew that even though I had read extensively on the Godly […]

Parable of the Good Shepherd Process Art

When planning Bible lesson activities for children, I am perhaps a Pinterest addict…check out my Pinterest boards for proof.  I love cute sheep crafts as much as any Early childhood practitioner, but because I have been learning about the value of process art, I offered an open-ended art response for our lesson on the Parable […]

Creation Activities for kids: Small World Play

A simple piece of felt, plastic animals and trees, and wooden peg people become an open invitation to small world play and creation activities as we learned the Genesis story.  Someone gave us some great tree blocks to use for sensory play and building.  These were a great addition to our small world play creation […]

Jesus and Zacchaeus Lesson Ideas

    We have been following the lessons from Young Children and Worship for Lent this year.  The series is called “The Journey” and each lesson follows Jesus on his way to Jerusalem for the Passover feast. So far our stories have been Jesus and Bartimaeus and Jesus and the Children and then this week, […]

David and Goliath Lesson

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on one of the product links, I receive compensation. There are SO many creative ways to teach a David and Goliath lesson.  In this story of the underdog defeating the Giant, we all find comfort and hope.  We serve a big God who so […]